Sunday, August 30, 2009

White Water Rafting @ KKB

all of us.. :D
mmbizi kn diri..dun wann think much
<3 the guides.. hukhuks..
chicken drop..iqa nearly fall into the water..demm..n i was standing to save her..everyone else was in the state of bumbum..pastuh mmg kene marah ngan amy la kn "anis..asal awk diri??org lain duduk awk leh dri lak" hahahaha..nk slamatkn kwn..didnt realize i was standing pn..huhu...demm..i could hav fall into the water.lucky me..

thanx to zali for the video.. :D

KKB was awesome!!!! Nothing can describe KKB..Gopeng was nothing compared to KKB..pas nie kt double dacker no need to bum2 was horror i tell u..keje gile..amy called me n said "make sure all ur frens semangat2 n berani" i feel like fainting edy when he said that..he nvrs call to say something like that..everyday plk tuh..tuh bkn build up confidence nama nyer..tuh tone down my confidence ada la..adoi hai...

i ajak nik piah n iqa..nik wanna join but she dun wanna raft..piah me ajak but last min she cancel..n iqa..iqa dun feel like rafting so i said its ok if she dun wanna go but then she said "ko nie bkn nk bg la smangat..aku nk g la" ahahahaha..i dun feel like ajaking anyone coz i kno so much bout kkb even ive never been there b4..based on what kaklong said la..huhu..

the one who plan this r mary n nash..they so wanna i tagg along since i kno join je le..mary bring along some of her there r 2 raft..

one wif 9 ppl in it n another one 8 ppl in it..v used the ulu yam road on the way to took us about 40 mins je to reach there..tuh pn coz sesat..if not i think its about 30 mins je..then smpi2 je infront of the post office da ada BAD OMEN..demmm.. "MY EYES..MY EYES"..hahaha...the rest was like.."mana oren??mana??" perlu kah nk tunjuk??adoi hai..then i was abit shock at the mamak stall..sherry wasnt there..sangat sedihh..but lucky me arman was mmg raft wif arman le..huhu..

i was shaking the whole way to the starting point..asik kene maki je ngan iqa n nash..seriously m dem scared..haha..i help arman n kapak to set all the safety equip n mmbizikn dri so that i dun feel tensi that much..haha..then masuk2 je raft..OMG..the smell of the water..mmg semerbak haruman!!!!yucksss!!!!iqa da cuak..nash mmg X brhenti2 bc doa..adoi hai..da brifing here is so much diff from they tell us what to do when v fall into the water..demm..the possition of our body n all..they didnt teach us how to catch the rope coz here hey wouldnt trow the trow bag if u fall into the water, instead they will trow a guid to rescue scary kot..hahah..

the 1st rapid was the 1st canyon..mak oih..the rapid i tell u..200m long..demm..double dacket tuh like what 30 meters je kot..nie 200m..byg kn..n s high s one story building..demm..n u dun even haf the time to bum2..u need to paddle hard so the raft will fall was waiting for the word "BUMBUM" Xda pn..rupe nyer infront tuh ada a story drop..

whatever it is :

Team ANBU lead by Kakashi + Shikamaru was the best..

there r 15 major rapid along KKB..

the first rapid which is "first canyon" got me shaking the whole body..muke pucat2..haha..crazy i tell u..

the BLASTER cause amy's raft to capsize..demm..lucky us..

Chiken drop was story drop which i didnt had the chance to bum bum coz i was saving iqa's life..hahaha..u owe me gal..paddle n OS line on the left n u on the right..if i ever let go of the OS line mmg kte bedua jatuh besama2..hakhakhak..

Crazy thing that our raft capsize just b4 the Hydraulic..demm..lucky us..v manage to get back into the raft on time..klu tak m sure everyone will c the light..

Nash jatuh penuh begaya atas batu..more to terselit between rocks to me la..hahaha..then aksi stunt die melompat..gile la..if it was me mmg Xsampai..hahaha..elok2 atas batu tros masuk air :)))

even ive raft at Kampar for like million times, KKB was 7000 times crazy than Kampar n here at KKB the OS line is my life..kt Kampar paddle adalah so different..

river yoga was fun..hehehe..thanx to all the fun fun guide..heart beat rate was at 180km/hr but after that mmg puas.. :D

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