Thursday, September 22, 2011


scuba diving was awesome!!!!

another wish in my wish list can be scratch out..

and another wish to be added..

lesen advance plk after year insyallah..

before i start travelling to beautiful island around Malaysia..

underwater life is just so spactacular..

its a whole different world down there..

words just cant describe how i feel..

when it becomes dark suddenly and you tought there is a boat on top of you,

but when u look up, there r millions of fishes and they werent just on top of u,

they were around you 2..

subahanallah, the beauty..kelu lidah xterkata..

the underwater plant, fishes, turtles are moving and swimming effordlessly..

minding their own business

while the humans swim around and observes them..

just cant wait to dive again tp syg the monsoon is starting,

once the monsoon ends,

im off for the advance lisance insyallah ;)