Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Reception

munz n ajip's reception was held at MATREAD hall jalan duta..went there wif some old frens n oso nik..nik was oso invited coz munie knos her plus we've went out for dinner midnite muvie few times nik knos munie's sis oso..huhu..trlampau byk kali kuar kn :D

anyways minah..

CONGRATULATIONS..u look so so pretty tonite..n i loike ur dress.. :D
it was fun staying back till midnite..ahaha..took tons of pix :D
n it was fun meeting old old frens :D
it was a happy day for me too :D
pas nie ssh le nk kaco2 u lg..wife org..ahaha :((

but ajip told me that he allowes me to lepak2 wif u..ahahaha..thanx ajip :D

i wish that God bless u n ajip..
Wish that it will last forever..
cpt2 sikit dpt baby..ahaha..i want baby boy :D ahahahaha..

hav fun berhoneymoon at Korea + Paris yer..hehehe..

p/s: more pix at my fb :D

My Best Friend's Wedding

owh i luv the theme..i luv everything..practically berkampong at her hs since her preparing for her big day..coz b4 this m way too bz helping for my sis wedding..then tros tlg minah for her wedding..hehe..tramat sgt santik kn..i just feel like sleeping outside tp kang kene marah plk..ahaha..
i hav to b her pengapit during solemnization..ahaha..sungguh Xbertauliah..anything for my bff :D
i just luv the vid made by manggis..i i luv her pada minit ke :D
munx n ajip..hehe..i went back around 2am..ahahaa..slamber..they want me to sleep there but i didnt bring xtra baju..all dah pki the reception 2mro pn is at Xbajet pn wanna sleep ova at her shes married..miahahaha..her last nite as single woman, she sleeps wif tonite shes gonna start sleeping wif ajip..miahahaha..cannot kaco2 ;p

♥ Didie + Azran ♥

The reception..

Thanx kepada mreka2 yg dtg yer..
thanx minah :D
thanx mek sha..
thanx alya nik aipa..
thanx mohey ida..
thanx aiman ibs..
thanx geng honda 700..n thanx for my bday present..miahahahahaha..i was just jocking la..korg bg btol2..ahaha..n thanx to nik oso for the present :D
thanx protectors who came..
Alhamdulillah, everything goes well..

more pix kt fb yer :D

p/s: sori lmbt update yer xpecially kpada student moscow mengalahkn obama la..nie baru lega sikit..