Sunday, September 6, 2009

for now

i think its enough for now..nnti if got any free time ill update again..banyak lg nie..matengs bday..the play..idas bday..nvm..ill try to find some time.. :Dthis is what the guides send me..demm..mmg saje nk sakit kn hati org..nk bg org jeles..the water lvl at sg kampar..demm..this is the starting pt..where ppl haf to do their water confident which they haf to do body raft here..starting pointwhere v turun kn the raft..demm..Xnmpk jety kot..betapa bess melanton lanton..wish i was there to try it..ble la dpt lg..sobs..sobs..sobs..

me fren even said "gile banjir kilat je" wahahaha...benci..during CNY penah skali..but Xsmpi like this..still cn c the jety..even tho mmg the color's like this n hampir2 la nk tengelam the jety..but still cn c it..nie mmg lost kot..arghhh ..soon..soon :D


  1. kaler ala2 teh ais tu..hahaha..
    daling,hang bukak pose dgn org len2 eh tiap2 ari?syok tul..

  2. wahahaha...mmg bes nie..ala..rasa nk g je skrg gopeng..demmm..Xpenah dpt rasa lg nie..

    no la..not everyday le..weekends je..hehehe..kopak okeh ;p