Friday, September 26, 2008

as a reminder

last Wednesday, during my EOP class, my lecturer told us this one story which will make u feel like ur the worst muslim ever..ive been wanting to write about this since that day but i just dun hav the mood to write bout needs time to write bout this..its a lesson for all the muslims out that we'll remember v r only Allah's servant..i feel like crying when i heard the story..luckily m in class so i still cn control my emotion..i just feels like m the worst muslim ever n yet i still gets whatever i wish for..He just keeps on giving me so many stuff that sometimes i think i forgot to be thankfull of..iskh..what a muslim i am..

this is a true story n our lecturer asked us to tell ppl bout it..n thats the reason y i wrote this in my blog..this story is about my lecturers lecturers fren best fren..ha..paham..kawan baik kawan lecturer kami..ahaha..paham2 je la happens few months back..

so this lady had bone cancer..n she was really sick..shea in coma state that time..da nazak la..while shes in coma, she heard a voice asking him "who is ur god??" she cant answer..few times the voice ask her the same question..on n on..keep on asking n that time her children r sitting around wif all the fam members reading the yassin coz shes dying kn..she wanted to answer but she just cant..she knos the answer but she just cant say it out suddently she heard the ppl whos reading the yassin saying she suddently said ALLAH..n she was awake..alhamdulillah..thanx to her children n fam member whos reading the yassin..when she's awake, she knos what she hav to do n after 3 months she passed away..just recently this month of ramadhan..

she said to spread the story..n according to my lecturer, shes a nice woman, verry alim, didnt talk bad bout other ppl, didnt know how to ngumpat n all her children r send to all those good good school..skolah2 agama..shes just nice..n that makes me feel worst than ever..a person that good cant answer that question n what it would be like if it was me..???yg like umpat2 tuh da biasa, n not a really good often disobayed my ne la kn..feels so scared that time..sangat2..feels like crying..

i so need to a batter muslim..thats my goal..insyallah..just hopping i can change coz Allah wouldnt change a person unless he o she change themself..hurm..insyallah..n s a muslim, v need to remind our brothers n sisters always..n i would like my frens o fam to remind me always so that i wouldnt astray..n m happy if u guys keeps on reminding me..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

what i miss doing --> mountain hiking

the jungle style cooking time..
the big family dinner...
the basah kering basah kering time where u need to cross like 5 rivers..
the nearly 15 kg bag u need to carry going up n down the mountain (5 days worth)..
the super canak track..
how super dirty u'll get...
the satisfaction....

n Subahanallah the words cn discribe..

Friday, September 12, 2008

what i miss doing ---> Big Piggy Island

the 5 to 6 hours long drive...
the time where u lepaks2 during low tide..
the coconut tree..
the 6 foot wave..
the time when u sit around @ pulau kecik while waiting 4 sunset...
the galah panjang game in the evening...
watching the cloudy sun set..

the last day where u just sit by the beach n watch the sea......

Happy Birthday mak~~!!!

Happy Birthday mak~~!!!
may all ur wishes will come true,
may god bless u always,
moga panjang umo n murah rezeki juga~~!!! luv u~~!!!