Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rafting Wif Azie n the geng...

went to gopeng again..3 weeks ago if m not mistaken..lately m xtremely busy wif training n things that i need to help my mom (wedding stuff).. so i dun really haf time to update me blog..sori rakan2.. :D

there r 10 of us then some amy's turun 3 as usual..naik ngan shery..Xkn naik ngan guide lain..hahaha
the water lvl is not that high that day..cetek kot..jatuh 11 kali..kene tolak wif them all..penat pls..Xterkire jatuh how many times..smpi sempot..hahahaha..sbb penat jatuh of coz..
all of us..
raftmates..huhu..kami mmg roxxx...hahahah..sumpah ske ge the water this time..hijau kot..sejuk plk tuh..but burn mmg X ingt pls..hahaha..hitam gle kot.. cetek c the batu there..
client2..hahahahaha..smua mmg bes2..i loike

me wif cikot ony from kl..hahaha..mmg slamber badak je ktorg lmbat2..then drive cm pelesit..less than 2 hrs..then kene marah ngan k.long..wahaha..cikot mmg ssh nk ttp mulut..ceyh..amy oso marah suh drive slow2.but on the way back mmg cannot handle kot i drive mmg like mad..hahaha.. :D

p/s: here is the vedio that zali made..thanx zali :D

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