Thursday, December 4, 2008

I asked for Strength…And Allah gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom…And Allah gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity…And Allah gave me Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage…And Allah gave me Dangerto overcome.

I asked for Love…And Allah gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favours…And Allah gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted …I received everything I needed!

Allah show His love in a very unique way, there way that people like us, always complaining in returns without even try to figure and sort it out by thinking, observing and understanding at the end.
Life is an opportunity to learn, make mistakes and gain the reward or punishment from everything that we do, choose to do, or force to do.
Sometimes, the things that we want the most, is not the thing that we need most and by the end of the day, we realize that we already have it in the first place, but its ok, we learn from mistakes, we grow up with that and we learn and enjoy life by doing it. Just don’t let it be the same mistakes over and over.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rafting + Caving..Road Trip to Gopeng, Perak.. -----> D2

2nd day..woke up around 9 and tros brsiap2..change n get ready for caving..v eat2..then kemas our stuff..tros masuk kete coz afta caving tros blik..hehe..smua sibok melipat sleeping bag... of our pondok usang yg bes..hehehehe...sejuk je pg2..hehe

we're here..gua tempurung..

gua all..huhuhu...xcited..
highest peak inside the gua..dem tinggi..cuak okeh..gigil2 kaki when we're going down the stairs..iskh..

n this one lg la scary..lg tkt than cuak..

rat hole..sib baik muat..hehehe..

merangkak all the way..sangat penat..sakit kaki coz the batu2 tanams..ahahaha..
b4 kuar..hehehe..v wanted to take the pix of this caves lelangit..but X nmpk using aimans cam trsgt words cn discribe..

sengalss us..
yap...da kuar..huhu..masih kebasahan..b4 v had our bath n lunch..

after lunch..

b pulang ke kay ell..

aiman (muke ngantuk gle) abub and da besaq depa nie..abub comel gle...gram he tgk..ahaha..

so if anyone wanna join rafting o caving trip..come la..just let me kno..then ill arrange 4 u guys okeh??ehehehe

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rafting + Caving..Road Trip to Gopeng, Perak.. -----> D1

rafting trip to gopeng 1st i plan to go wif my best frens n partners..but then last min munie cant go..coz she hav work to do..but naj n tuti still in..n me ajak oso some other ppl..yg i think that they wanna join..rmi gak wanna join..but got wedding la..xms la..balik kg la..coz last min kot..mayb nxt time..aiman join us..he dun really cares whos there o not..die tau nk try je..haha..bes tol..anyways me sis hav frens there..ala..makcik tuh kaki rafting gak..tuh sbb yer..she used to work for nomad ada link v get cheep price..(specially for my cuzzy LeeZee) hikhik..hang balik kte pi yer??

1nite stay at murni camp + 1 tea + 1 bbq + 1 breakfast + 1 lunch + rafting + caving

all rm 180..minyak for 1.0 cars ony rm last for return journey..n the tol fees is rm 23.50..

so kira sndri la..carpool la lbih bagus..

n mind u..die nyer oinkies sedap yg guling2 nyer sedap..oke i tell u the menu..might not b the same if v go again but i think sumthing like the one v go this time la kot kn..X kn beza benar..

tea ---> milo panas + roti kaya stim (gle layan pas kua dr raft sejuk2 tuh)

bbq ---> orange juice + meehoon+ nputih+frise+ayam quater+sosage 2+ smbal sotong gle sedap+ mixed vagee..n X abis pn..v even ask amir toha n sobi to eat..still byk..

breakfast ---> 3 jenis kuih yg gle sedap..nasi lemak telur mata..sedapss+ milo panaas

lunch ---> nasi putih + orange juice+kari ayam+ sambal ayam + sayuran + telur dadar + kuah lemak labu..mmg layan..

so from kay ell v go 3 cars ..but sobi toha n amir v meet up at the sg buloh rest jejantas..naj n tuti came to aimans too..then dot n cikot naik wif naj n tuti 1 11 we're off to sg buluh jejantas..then we had our lunch there even tho its early..coz after reach the murni camp theres no time to eat..v had to change n off rafting stright away..around 12, v start our road trip to perak..

white viva ---> sobi, toha n amir

black saga ---> aiman, dot n cot

black picanto ---> naj, tuti n me

we're here..we're here..ehehehe..teruja looking at the river behind us..cant wait..

just look at the toilet..ahaha..ancient..bak kata aypa..peningalan perang..ahaha..trkjut gak while v wanna go change..ahaha
after changing..getting ready..all of us..yup..muat je naik storm tuh..ehehe..

xcited bes..the goodness..superb..n oso the smell of the trees..miss the smell..lama tidak mendaki..huhu..


best frens..kurang satu..munie la X jd dtg..nengada..

brifin..amy buat lawok..

tighten the pfd

we're the 1st to go..tkt nyer..

paddle backwords..hukhuk..ijad..the best guide ever..muehehe
xcited faces..ahahaha..

high 5..

bru the chance to raft wif all the guides..hikhik..mreka mmg bes..

what a beautiful view..i just luv it..
BBQ time..thanx aji n yen..depa je dok mmbakar..lelain dok melangok..pemalas..hikhik gle mknan..X termakan..

after v eat..v go to pekan ipoh in searching for aimans contecs...blh la plk he go n loose his spec while mandi manda di sg..ape la..blh mandi brsama specs..n oso his car key..aioo..then v manage to lock the car when v parked but ble nk balik cannot open..ahahaha..blh tak..coz short circuit..sib baik theres this one kedai kunci inside the jj..aioo..klu X mmg gila la dok situ..ahaha..mmg funny gle..aiman..aiman..his mom said "typical of aiman" sian die..ehehehehe..reach the campsite around 11 kot..then play some card games n some teka teki n off to bes..everyone oso tired kot..hehehe..2mro got caving plk..hikhik

Bandung Trip -----> D 5

our last day..walk to the outlet around our hotel..searching for abah's ik's n oso azran's shirt..muahaha..last2 bru nk cri..X reti la..llki kot..anyways..v oso decided to finishup our aper lg..borong la apa yg patot..ehehe..

victoria outlet..bkn VS outlet oke adi..pndai2 je..haha

the fish is damn big..they cn even eat my hand i tell u..aioo..tkt gle..
ida muke while waiting for some ppl..ahaha..
donatello..ida bought her bag here..nice one..muke penat..

sangat sedap..dunno whats the name..but it has pisang n oso choc inside..sangat sedap..i bought 2 for me fam..ehehe

batagor~~!!!! me fav..ble la dpt mkn lg nie..

kuchi..kuchi , pulut pangang n oso lepat pisang..but they hav another name here for those kuih..

pempek..rasa like kropok lekor..ehhe..some got egg inside it..

ready to go home...uhhu

yay..dpt lg..ehehehe..its raining..thats y theres no one to say anything to us..ehehehe..if not ada je org nk tego..cets..

n we're safely landed..even tho the flights abit bumpy..aioo..salina da pegang merata2..she said she cannot..ahaha..mmg klakar gak looking at her..feels like we're on a roller coster..n for 2 hrs mind u..mmg at 1st cm scary gak..but last2 siap cn sleep lg..ahaha..klaka gle..but the land was smooth..way batter than b4..hehe..

Bandung Trip -----> D 4 n saly decided to try the sanwich..choc rice..mmg X sedap benar..muahahaha..mkn sikit v sewa innova to take us to the tangkubang perahu n oso the hot spring plus the outlet that r located far from our hotel..hehehe..12hrs v sewa the car n oso the driver..hehe..bluexx..bluexx..

huhu..da smpi..
sejuk menusuh tulang..cannot handle one..rasa nk pengsan..v talk oso kuar2 asap..nafas je pn ada da to go to other country cm nie..ahaha
huhu..reminds me of tahan..
sangat sanntikkk..
Sari Arter Hot Spring..bes gle..coz mmg kami kesejukan..hehe..

Lega X 1st it was way hot..dun feel like going in pn..but then everyone else masuk so me oso 1st i feel like my skin was burning..ahaha..drama queen gle..but then lelama rasa trsangat sedap till v all dun feel like going out but the prob is that u cant stay inside more than 30 kuar lah kami..

v then had lunch at the Dapur Sangkuriang..v eat Sunda food here..trsangat giv anything just to eat the ikan bakar goodness..till the kerak oso me korek okeh..ahaha

us..this place sure means so much to us all for the food but for dina, i think it means more than that..muahahahahahahahahaaha,,..woops..sori dina..cannot handle la the event that happened to u there..mmg nk gelak guling..aahahaha..

then..v went to some outlet which r far from our hotel..cascade, haritage n oso stamp..n look who v bumped into..eehehehehe..sharina oy..plan cpt kinabalu okeh..wanna go snoorkeling oso around the pulau2..cpt cpt tau..mau kumpul itu duits..ehehehe..

then v go hunt for bakso..this is our last day..kinda la kn..2mro tkt X sempat even our flight is at 5pm..ahaha..but still..mana tau gatai nk g sumwhere else v decided to try the bakso at the mee bakso akung..its kinda famous..ehehe..

us while waiting for our food..eehehe

the bakso..damn sedap okeh..iskh..if ony theres bakso this delicious here in bes..huhuhu..went back n v stright away go to sleep..sangat penat today..ehehehe..n 2mro v plan to buy some last min stuff around jalan v all gonna walk je..ehehe..