Monday, December 20, 2010

Nov 2010 intake

Basically this sem i hav to teach 6 subject..

Suspension & steering system
Automotive practice
Automotive transmission system
Automotive engines 2
Braking system
Final Year Project

what made my day is that i receive a mail this morning

Dear xxx,

Again, there is another subject requested to withdraw from the November offered list due to .....
No student is taking the subject. The subject is DEA302 Automotive Braking System.



ohhhhh!!!!ku BAHAGIA!!!!yay..yay..yay..shake shake shake..means 1 less final ppr to make..WootWoot..last time during my studies i will get ulcer all ova my mouth when the final xm is near..stress kot kene speed up my study..then when i end my U life i was more ulcer..klu tak 3 kali stahun..if seketol 2 Xper..nie pecah merata..but then when i start working..hampagas!making the final ppr oso contributes to ulcer..demmit sungguh!tp less 1 ppr this sem..WootWoot ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ada sesapa yg still simpan
report FYP?
i want!!!nk refer..
nyampah nyer jd supervisor!!!gerrrrrrr :|