Monday, February 7, 2011


The future depends on what we do in the present...

Q : with aid of simple sketch, explain on the distribution pattern of air fuel mixture in an intake manifold.

A : Banana Type
Standard Type
Custom Type

sungguh xberagak jawapan..Xpenah skali pn perkataan banana di sebut dlm ne leh ada banana type ni?besides soklan tu bkn tnye type..arghhhh..

dispite the fact that im "lemas d dlm kesibukan" rite now, u succeed in making me laugh like an evil witch this morning..trime kasih..maka satu bilik turut gelak..

sori to say this but to me, those who studied in private university collage tends to sit around and wait for tips from their lecturers..slama ni bg tips flying i simply do some experiment this sem. i didnt giv any tips for their 2nd test..n guess what..kuang..kuang..kuang..padahal 1 chapter je include in this test..subject lak basic auto ne nk amik suspension, braking, ee, transmission, fuel etc.. klu gitu gaya nye adik2 oi???compared to IPTA's..jgn harap dpt ckp2 ngan lect..jgn harap nk dpt notes..jgn harap nk score with flying colors..mmg siksa..terang surface je, tp assignment..jgn ckp ssh nye..

cm ne nk bejaya if u ppl dun wanna get out from that comfort zone of urs? skali skala apa salah nye cabar diri sndri kn..dr mengharapkn org je..i imagine that if i were like them, mmg dah lama kene dismissed..