Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another 2 on my wishlist

(Some of the pix are cacats..dont know why..tried to upload few times and they turns out the same)

Hello people..again after 4 months I finally got to make some time to update this blog..haha..a friend used to say to me that " if u want something u wouldn't get it if u keep on waiting for the right time, instead u should MAKE some time for it" n now Im making some time to update this blog to make my friend shut up about it..hahaha..sori wehh ;p

So I took an extra long holiday to one of the country down under which is Australia..3 years back, Me and my travel mate once talked bout this trip..we were planning to do a road trip in Australia and now it finally came true. Actually, this country is not even on the top 5 of places that we wanted to visit but an opportunity came and my trip with my mom and sis had to be cancelled, jadi ke down under lah kami.. Plus the tix are quite cheap and we manage to get free accommodation for few nights staying with Malaysian students there..trime kasih adik2 yg Super Cool sbb tumpangkn akak2 yg Super Awesome kt rumah korg ;)

The flight was about 6 hours..adeh..nk terkehel tulang belakang..this is the part i hate most while travelling..I LOVE travelling but seriously I hate the long flights..haha..bajet diva lak..nk own privet jet sndri mmg xmampu apatah lagi nk naik concord..kihkihkih..bli tix AA plk tu..haha..Xpe..masih blh bertahan..the flight is bigger coz its an airbus tp still Xda la semegah MAS ke SingAir ke but just enough that i can afford to travel around the world..trime kasih Air Asia <3 p="p">

As we reach Perth International Airport at the crack of dawn, adik2 cool dah pn tngu kakak2 awesome ni..haha..thanx again..we were suppose to hop into a cruise boat and went to Fremantle but adik2 told us that most of the road in Perth are close due to a Marathon and they would join us and drive us to Fremantle instead..cant go back to their houses and take the cruise so they drove us to Fremantle..

Fremantle, the beautiful harbour town

 We fell in love with this beautiful town right away and we just cant get enough of this town so we came back on our last day here in this country..hahaha ;p

 Night view of Perth City for the King's  Park

We spend more than 8 hours in Fremantle..haha..we shop, walk, sleep on the park under the sun for hours (sejuk ok..10 degrees brangin plk tu..mana had to sleep under the sun), 4pm we head back to the city and wash ourself..and later we head back to King's Park around 6 (dah gelap mcm 9pm)..lagi beku..i think its about 6 degrees plus the winds..mmg kejung satu badan..hahaha..pastu ada niat nk main snow sports kn?ahahaha ;p

The next day we start our road trip around Western Australia..

 Sand Dunes at Lencelin

We went here for sand boarding..awesome was really really fun but penat nk mampos! It was about 15 degrees but the sun my goodness..pedih gila main sand board ni nk turun 7 saat Xsampai tp naik naik balik bukit2 tu, 7 minit..hahaha..I went up and down the hill for only about 3 times then i just sit there watching my friends..diorg pn try about 4 times je then we head back around 4..

On our way back, we were planning to stop at the Pinnacles but then since we rent a Hyundai i30, we had to take the longer route which will take us about another 3 hours to reach there but if we're driving a 4WD, it will take us about only 40 minutes to reach the tahi sungguh! Since our journey here from Perth took us about 3 hours (sini kene bwk slow yer..bwk laju2 nnti snang2 je dpt surat chenta..saman klu murah dlm 1.5k duit kite yer..Xsangop!) and the car rental company did not allow us driving after mmg compom smpi dah gelap coz the sun sets around 5.30pm..lantak! ;p

The next day is gonna be a long journey down south but first we stop at the Whiteman National Park to visit some Koalas and Kangaroos ;)

 Tau nk tido je!

And after we went to a motor museum near the wildlife park (still in Whiteman Park)

The Moto Museum (Xtau asal gmba ni cacat dah berkali2 layan dah)

After that we stop by at a pie factory..mmg awesome gle rasa pie ni..inti penuh ok! mmg serious, the best pie i ever tasted..owh n mmg halal..sini Xda la mcm philippines smpi kne mkn maggi or nasi n serunding sminggu..haha

Then we head south..its gonna be more than 5hrs ride..mmg compom mlm baru sampai..have to find a place to sleep some and my travel mate mmg cm ni..ske gamble..hahaha..that is why this is my 3rd time traveling oversea with her (and countless times travelling around msia with her) haha..but its not holiday season here so we are sure that most of the holiday parks are available..wlupn suka gamble, we each had study bout the places we're going so if terok2 pn we can just park the cars by the beach and sleep in it ;)

On our way South, we stop at this one farm near Katanning..owh my is extremely beautiful here..Alhamdulillah..Thank you Allah for giving me the opportunity to see the beauty you have created for us..ladang luas2 penuh dgn beribu2 kambing biri2..we should have tried staying at one of the homestays that the farms around here provide..rugi..rugi..

 Breath taking + Jaw dropping

We manage to find a place to sleep that night near the scenic point in Albany..extremely satisfied with the cabin..mmg lengkap segala..

 Scenic point, Albany

Early nxt morning we head to the lookout point and waited by the rocks for more than 2 hours for the humpback whale to show themself..hahaha..seriously beautiful place..rasa Xnk balik..

Later we head to the Torndirrup National Park to see the Natural Bridge and The Gap..situ lagi la lawa gle!!!!! we stayed loger there..

 The Natural Bridge, Torndirrup National Park

 The Gap, Torndirrup National Park

Next, we head to a small town of Augusta mainly to see the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meets..its about 400+ km from Albany..another long drive..

 Flinders Beach, local said that you can see the humpback whale from here

Then we head to the Lighthouse..Angin kuat gile here compare to Albany..but seriously sangat cantik eventho there are poisonous snakes around..haha..and it is a really good spot for surfing too ;)

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Then we're off to Margeret River and up north to Yallingup further north to Dunsborough, further up to Basselton and finally back to Perth..

 The famous Margeret River choc factory

We were here for about 3 hours..gone crazy with all the choc's and cheese and the silk, ice cream, honey and so much more..haha..tabur duit..tabur tabur..owh by the way, DO NOT convert into our rm klu kt sana..klu manjang nk convert mmg Xmkn la! ;p

Then we're off finding the rock i wanna see most while im still alive..hohoho..seriously I soo wanna see this rock that i had to put it on my bff went here a year ago attending her bro's convocation ceremony and they went looking for this rock and they tagged me on one of the picture of the rock that they took and i straight away fell in love with the rock ever since and i know that i need to see it in real..chewah poyo ;p

We had to  stop at the iCenter coz its a lil bit hard to find the road to this rock..its not even in the GPS tp Xpe..usaha tangga kejayaan ;)

And when we finally found the road in the middle of the national park, the cape to cape walk was we only got to see this famous rock from puas hati la still got to see it :D

 The Sugar Loft Rock..can see from google map also :D

Then we're off to the longest jetty here in Aussie..the Basselton Bridge..1.8km away from the shore..hahaha..u can google up the history of this jetty..we reach the jetty around 4pm and the last tramp to the end of the jetty just took before we have to walk for 3.6km, we had a picnic by the jetty first..hahaha..ala..bkn penat pn..sejuk gile kot..saje poyo2..hahaha ;p

 After about 1km from the shore..chasing the sunset at the end of the jetty ;)

then we're off to Perth..what a long day..we stopped at 4 places today..margeret river, yallingup, sugar loft rock and the basselton jetty and back to Perth City..ktorg slamber je drive sila elakkn selagi boleh coz here jalan kg smuanye..bkn ada highway..and there are no lights on the road and no cars also.. apparently people here do not drive during nighttime kot..and animals, hahaha..slamber lintas dah mcm safari ok..hihihi..u have to drive slowly and carefully okeh :D

Next day we went shopping at harbour town..its kinda like JPO la lebih kurang..the UGG boots my goodness murah nk mmpos..gatal je nk beli tp otak masih blh pk tak guna beli..when the hell am i gonna wear the boots here in msia?hahaha..but i got to shop few skirts..ok skirts are so cheap here..klu kt msia nk harapkn somerset bay and the price if not over rm50 (time sale) or rm150 Xsah..but here mmg murah..around rm 20-rm30 sapa Xmau kn?so i bought few for me..

Another reason i like travelling with my travel mate is that we wont spend that much time for shopping while travelling..hahaha..sbb kami backpackers, backpackers dont buy souvenirs for mmg..i only bought some magnets and skirts for myself..but for family ada la bli tshirt and some keychain for close frens and people at work (terpaksa sbb they know where i went) hahaha..oh..and people yg memesan siap bg duit ;)

Then we're off chasing one of the cruise infront of the bell tower  that is heading to Fremantle (again?) yes..we just cant get enough of this beautiful town..we wanted to sleep at the park again..hahaha..kidding..we just wanted to eat the fish and chips again and buy last minutes souvenirs..the prices are extremely cheap here and the flea market only opens on Saturday, Sunday and korg kene la make sure to go to the flea market during these days..we went on the previous Sunday and we're here again for some last minutes shopping..owh and the tshirts here are cheap too (make sure it is made from OZ not China) but unless u dont mind where it is made from..haha..

 Harbour Town..lebih kurang like JPO

 The cruise ..we extremely love the captain..hahaha..awesome!
He is so full of stories and we enjoyed each and every second of that one hour ride from Perth City to Fremantle ;)

Our Dinner at Kailis (2nd time)..the seafood platter..Yummeh..sile jgn convert harga! ;p

That is all for idea to write nymore and my mood are drained off due to the Xfactor audition on the television..hahaha..
 Insyallah ill try to find and make some free time to update on this trip in detail and also my Bali, Philippines and other trip soonest (selagi im still having my end semester brake) hahaha..cuak plk tngu results..pray that ill pass with flying colors okeh? Thank you!!! May Allah bless us all :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scratching 2 other wish of mine

Hello again has been 4 months ever since my last update..
hahaha..i just couldnt find the time to write..
busy mengajar on weekdays and belajar on weekends..hihi..
anyways, I took 1 week off from work last week and I got to accomplish 2 other wish of mine..alhamdulillah..
 Cliff Jumping into the sea..WeeeHooooo!!!!!

And i got to go scuba diving outside of Malaysia..Yayyy!!!

So far, this country is on my no 1 ranking for most beautiful country that i ever visited..seriously..never fail to take my breath away every single day..everything is cheap..I even bring back half of the money i take there with me..hahaha..

What an experience..I thank God that I got the chance to see the beauty that He has created for us..Alhamdulillah..

I even got the chance to swim in the cave on 1 of the private island here..sangat awesome..
the crystal blue water..

One of the private island owned by the General..

It might take time maybe 2 or 3 or even 10 yrs time before I visit here again..hahaha..sebab penatttt gleeeeee!!!! 12 hours journey from Malaysia..I traveled by air, land and water..mmg crazy..but it was all worth it..these 4 island that I visited r all AMAZING!!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello 2012

Early this year i scratch up another wish of mine..hahaha..
I went and learn how to surf early this year..what a way of kicking start this year (insyallah)..
hope ill be scratching another 5 wish of mine this year..

I actually didnt plan to learn how to surf during my new year vacation to Bali..I planned to go diving and to try the bungy jumping but among 8 of us who went to Bali, me and another friend of mine je yg ada open water diving license and she went back early then the rest of us which is on the 1st of terpaksa cancel..maybe next time perhaps..

Ended up choosing to learn how to surf...alang2..dah hari2 ulang alik Kuta baik blaja surf je..we were there for a week..blh sewel Xtau nk buat apa to kill the time, me and Miss Nadia learn how to surf..

Awesome experience..huge waves..never been afraid of the ocean before but once I look at the wave that morning in Kuta, i was a bit shaken..mau Xnye..u can even see the shadow of big fishes swimming around at the back of the wave kot..hahaha..and i assure u, even pakai contex Xperlu risau..surfing ni xgangu penglihatan like diving does..hahahaha..

Me surfing ;)

I manage to stand on my 3rd wave..biasa la..first 2 tu malu2 n takot2 ble dah kene sound ngan instructor baru me la its not that hard..serious..unless I gatal2 move to much to the front then sure tergolek..

i just learn how to move around the surf board to the left or to the right till my 7th wave, baru surf properly sampai ke pasir..actually i prefer to jump into the water earlier coz kurang energy guna nk berenang ke tgh laut balik dr surf sampai ke pasir pastu kene berenang rentas arus ke tengah laut..and its not easy i tell u..u need to dive everytime there r waves comming..die punye pancit surfing ni, kalah naik gunung ok!SERIOUSLY! so 3 kali je surf habis to the shore..lain MALAS! hahaha..

Learn how to paddle merentas arus, learn how to paddle and chase the wave and when to start swimming smua2 la..hahaha..awesome experience, siap amik another extra hour so can surf suke hati :D