Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scratching 2 other wish of mine

Hello again people..it has been 4 months ever since my last update..
hahaha..i just couldnt find the time to write..
busy mengajar on weekdays and belajar on weekends..hihi..
anyways, I took 1 week off from work last week and I got to accomplish 2 other wish of mine..alhamdulillah..
 Cliff Jumping into the sea..WeeeHooooo!!!!!

And i got to go scuba diving outside of Malaysia..Yayyy!!!

So far, this country is on my no 1 ranking for most beautiful country that i ever visited..seriously..never fail to take my breath away every single day..everything is cheap..I even bring back half of the money i take there with me..hahaha..

What an experience..I thank God that I got the chance to see the beauty that He has created for us..Alhamdulillah..

I even got the chance to swim in the cave on 1 of the private island here..sangat awesome..
the crystal blue water..

One of the private island owned by the General..

It might take time maybe 2 or 3 or even 10 yrs time before I visit here again..hahaha..sebab penatttt gleeeeee!!!! 12 hours journey from Malaysia..I traveled by air, land and water..mmg crazy..but it was all worth it..these 4 island that I visited r all AMAZING!!!!