Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Nadia~~!!!!

b4 paper nk ckp dlu..Dec baby's mmg Roxx~~!!!miaahahahah:))))) (statement Xmo kalah) ;p

i wish each n every dream of urs will come tru..
i wish that God will bless u oways..

cpt2 abis..leh ko jd doc aku..nnti nk mc snang :)))))))))

m so so happy to hear that ull b comming back this holiday~~!!!
ske gle2..
blh join trip aku ngan opismate..kami mau ke spor.. :D
kwn aku nk bli brg2 kawin..jom le..da dkt.. ;p
mid jan na..weekdays..okes??

Xsaba nyer..sumpah Xsaba.. :D
sile bg tau date smpi..kot2 aku leh amik :D

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New member in the family :D sis is finally married..hehehe..sgt suke..


may ALLAH bless uguys oways n may u guyz live happily ever after

p/s: cpt..i want anak sedara llki yg comels2.. :)))


I am a kind hearted person. I will NOT choose sides! I will be good to EVERYONE! I will NOT allow people to taint my soul! I only answer to Allah, my parents and my husband... for they are the only ones that determine if I go to heaven or hell. Other than that ... I dont give a damm! You want to screw each other that's your problem not mine! My mind is clear and my concience is intact!

I refuse to let people bring me down. I refuse to let people decide who I should hang out with and who I should not. I refuse to play politics. I refuse to be bitter, negative, envious, spiteful, manipulative, and evil. I choose to stand up and fight back for my rights..