Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victim of Northeast Earthquake

Just an announcement, if anyone wishes to donate any old goods or anything la..yg baru oso can..preferred small2 things, to sell during the 22nd Asian Pacific Children Convention in Fukuoka Japan on 20th of July, let me know. The items will be sold form Y100-Y300 and the profit will go to the victims of the Northeast Earthquake, Japan. Saya Xkn amik sesen pn..all will go to the earthquake victim fund ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My fav physicist + engineer + waitress..reminds me so much of my working life..hahaha..

kami ske conteng2 white board ngan formula2 + lukisan2 yg sometimes ble tgk balik smua pn Xpaham

kami mmg skema n ske cerita2 superhero + crita2 Xlogic alam spt starwars, startrex..hahaha..

kami mmg satu bilik baca comic n hari jumaat kol 1230 kunci pintu smua main video game..sbb mreka lelaki2 bkn muslim..

hari khamis je ada org yg akan remind, "da bc naruto?one piece?bleach?..."

dan skema..buat kerja apa pn msti nk kene ada sistem..ahahaha..except for me la..Xbrapa nk skema..tp lelama terikut2 jugak ;p

da 3 kali ulang2 watching the series from season 1 but still xbosan2..btw, i luv Dr Sheldon Cooper ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Wish

This morning i just receive an email from BCIO. They were just updating on PA's foster family meeting last Sunday. They ask us to go to their blog to read on the updates and browse the pictures of our foster family there..as i was browsing the pictures, i got stuck on this one..

dear god, let this be my foster family..

ngiahahahahaha..iskh..dpt adik/abg angkat sehensem ni mmg awesome!!!! ;p