Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is where the HEART is...

i miss big pig island so so much la...its been like 2 years kot X pegi big pig island..not fair..everytime my dad wanna go msti i cannot go coz xm la..got lab on fridays la..seminars la..benci tol..lucky for both my sis..they go almost every year..xpecially cikot..go like at least twice a year..jeles nie..they even got the chance to bring along their friends..the above pix is my dad..went fishing..tgk tuh..mmg jadi gian la fishing..v will go out like 7pm and b back around 1am..ahaha..slamber..makan pn roti jer dlm bot..nk tut ker aper ker hav to like terjun jer inside the laut..that was the best part..ahaha..but go fishing at nite abit cold la..penah this one time i wear like 3 life jacket..ahaha..still sejuk..so this is a story bout the place that will always b in my heart..wish to go there soon..sob..sob..sob..

dulu b4 v have our own boat v all naik this old boat..ahaha..bunyi like my car..terkedek2..it took us like 2 hours to reach big pig island..anyways my uncles bought a small portion of land ova there n buat rumah..located in mersing johor..pulau besar johor..not mlaka oke..south china sea oke..ehehehe..so naik this old boat mmg ler sangat bosan..its actually boat nelayan where the fishermans go fishing for months then da byk ikan bru balik..tgk la everyone oso tido..ahaha..bosan with the petrol smells summore..when v reach the island the boatman drop us by at the jety..so hav to walk to our house..ada la dekat 1km gak..but da walking is fun coz v walk tepi pantai..ehehe..so can play water..kesimpulannyer mmg baju basah n some of my cuzzy even teros terjun..this was like years ago la..

sampai2 mmg kami pemalas nk sapu2 the house o kemas..ahaha..usually kene la kemas2 coz the house da tinggal lama n theres pasir everywhere in the house..tengkujuh summore..ehehe..but not us..v terjon tros..ahaha..X snonoh..g stor blakang n carry the kayak out..then paddle around..as u can see 5 ppl on the 2 seater kayak..mmg kami cm org laut..ahahal..v hav 3 kayak..2 k2 and 1 single kayak..

v oso hav rakit..my dad n my uncles buat that rakit using the tong2 gas..ahaha..i mean those tong where u isi air o minyak..and put kayu..ehehe..besar jugak la da rakit..as u can see theres 6 of us atas tuh..mmg bes..v slalu naik that rakit reramai n then g tgh2 n terjun..ahaha...as usual b4 that carik kayu panjang2 to push da rakit..but it wuz fun..really fun..i miss those days..

ahaha..this boat my anjang bought..its actually a bot layar..but biasa la kami..even the kayak oso v can naik like 5 o 6 ppl..this is suppose to be 2 person boat tp kami tetap naik beramai2..aahahaha...n surely theres sumone hav to tolak la kn..da berat that boat..ahaha..

this boat is like 10 years ago or more..ala..boat biasa2 jer..that time my dad n uncles use to go fishing or pasang pukat using this boat..haha..tp kami tetap gunakan juga..apa saja yg bes di atas air mmg kami kuasai..ahaha..tgk tuh..bkn reti pn..ahaha.asal bes..

this is what we usually do during the low tide..v will walk around the island sesaja carik pari or just walk around kacau the gamat2 or c the coral up close where u dun hav to wear googles or to hold ur breath..ahaha...

or just sit around n feel the sand agains our feet..ahaha..lepak2 rasa da angin..walk around do nothing..sangat nyaman..hearing the sound of waves..mmg bes..that is my japanese grandma (my father side)..ehehe..shes young lg this time..

the red boat is the boat v use b4..that boat v keep beside the house..and whenever wanna go fishing v hav to tolak beramai2 the boat turun..ahaha..mmg bes but i cant find the pix where v all hav to push da boat into the water..mmg bes..

i cant really remember which year but this is what happened to the boat after this one tengkujuh..sangat sedih..our boat pecah maybe coz air naik tinggi and the waves slamed our boat against the batu2..sob..sob..still remember v didnt go to pulau like nearly 2 years..sangat sedih..really miss pulau that time..finding ways to go to pulau again..

TAAADAAAA~~!!!this is our new boat..heehhe...big one..n can travle long..so v no longer naik that fishermans boat yg took us like 2 hours..ahaha..n summore bergegar2..mmg senang nk kene sea sick..ahaha..it takes ony 40 minutes to our pulau using this boat..betapa beza nyer..this boat v keep inside da garage in a house which my uncle bought in mersing..(telok buih)..so X la simpan at the pulau anymore..n its safer kn..senang ..no need to sewa the fishermans boat to send us anymore n no need to walk from the jety to our house anymore..the new boat can bring us stright infront of the house..hahaha..thats the best part la..ehehe.. ;p

this is the house in mersing..teluk buih..da boat baru came out from the garage..hehehe..thats my sister..berangan nk naik la tuh..ingat sampai..v usually naik da boat while my dad or uncle tarik da boat on the road using 4 wheel la kan..ahaha..jakon la katakn..boat atas jalan raya..ahaha

that is the old house..The first few years after my uncle bought it, we use to stay in an old traditional Malay fisherman's house.previously owned by this grannies..sangat bes..v call them tok n nenek je..ehehe..the house is damn big n hav like tousands of room..ahaha...penah sesat jugak..n the toilet is outside la kn..but lama2 the air laut hakis the shore n penah few times da air naik betol2 infront the house..mmg bukak pintu teros terjun..ahaha..mmg bes that time..

my uncle decided to make new house..ye la takot roboh the house kene makan ngan ombak..eheheh...lama gak v all X pegi pulau coz the house is under construction..nk tido mana kn..my dad n uncles did go few times..to monitor the workers..dunno la they tdo where..ala..X payah risau nk tdo mana rite..if it was me i dun mind sleeping tepi pantai tuh je..ahahaha..sambil watching the stars..mmg bes..

so that is our new house..X berapa clear da pix.. theres 2 room a kitchen n a toilet..tho v still prefer to use the toilet outside coz siang2 v didnt open the generator so theres no electricity..agak gelap la the toilet..besides the toilet outside is more comfortable..for me to do business n most of my cuzzy agrees..in the house mainly everyone sleeps everywhere and anywhere! haha! seriously..even tho theres 2 room inside..v ony use them to change cloaths or solat..n to store our lembek bantal n tilam2..eehehe..
n this is the place i luv the most..me n my fam slalu gle tdo atas nie..everyone will sleep inside the house but not us..ahaha..v slamber tdo atas nie..n v used to hang hammock..so during the low tide v all dok atas hammoc n tdo..ahaha..mmg bes n sedap..berangin..ehehe..saja buat like watching place there..mmg bes..

low tide means pari time..ahaha..this is the pari we tombak..ahaha..mmg suka jalan2 atas batu while air surut searching for pari..besar2 kn??n sangat sedap when bakar..yummy..missing those time..ala...my dad saje konon jer pegang fishing rod..as if die la tangkap..padahal tombak je dpn rumah..ahaha..my cuzzy slalu la pegi cari pari..v all will follow but when they cought one smua lari bertempliaran..ahaha..bkn nk tolong cut da tail o what..takot la katakn..makan nk tp tolong X nk..ahaha..

this is our house in teluk buih mersing..ehehe..usually dulu v go like thursday nite n sampai subuh at jety mersing n wait for our fishermans boat..n baru seberang..but now since v hav our own boat n house at mersing..v can start our road trip anytime..usually petang v'll reach teluk buih around 12am n tdo tros..can rehat n we wake up masa subuh n start preparing to seberang..ahaha..senang coz hav toilet n all..X la susah like last time hav to wait da fishing boat..ahaha..now afta balik oso can singgah the rumah to mandi2 b4 balik kl..
this pix is taken at teluk buih..the last time i went there..like in year 2006 kot..lama gle..benci tol..i went there wif piah..saja bawak die..coz she really wanna go..so i bring her along..lg pn time break..so can la v go..

b4 it starts to rain..cantik kn..mmg da kene bersiap sedia angkat all da life jacket bersepah2 n start tolak naik all da kayak..ahaha...if not mmg hanyut la..

this time me n piah went to pulau kecik saja nk tgk sunset..hehe..sangat cantik..lepak2 there untill its dark then go back home..that is my uncle mail n abah inside the boat..they went to pasang jaring ..haha..can see from the pulau kecik..ehehe..my dad yg bawak the boat n that is my uncle mail waving back at us..

maghrib..time to start to goyang kaki n wait for the food to get ready..ahaha..terok betol perangai..mcm anak raja..ahahaha..besides if i wanna help oso bkn nk bg my uncle man luvs cooking n no one can disturb him..n his cooking is like damn good..huhuhuhu...

lepak2 time in the evening..this is the wakaf..which is facing the kiblah so that can sembahyang jemaah here..the guys usually sleeps here..

we went tracking to pulau blakang..last time la slalu..now a bit malas..naik boat je..when we're little..mmg rajin track to pulau blakang..but not anymore now..ahaha..pemalas..

this is the pulau blakang..v can see the tioman island from here..air sini much more cantik but da waves are damn bahaya..sangat tinggi..me oso lemas like few times mandi here..hehehe..tp still degil..even tho da biasa pg wehenever go to pulau blakang surely i'll wear life jacket..takot lemas..mmg takot..xkire betapa terrer swim skali pon..ehehehe..but klu kt dpn rumah mmg X pakai..ehehe..

this is the 6 foot wave..ahaha..sangat dirindui..sob..sob..sob..wanna main wif this waves..just sit inside the boat pn bes..feels like reolercoster inside..ahaha..kecot prot..

the pantai at pulau blakang..so pretty kn??hehehe..can surf..only if i kno how to..

at nite usually v just sit around n eat..me n sum of my cuzzy sometimes bentang tikar and baring atas pasir n watch the stars..its not like in kl where theres too much habuk n jerebu where its hard for u to see the stars..sini mmg clear..theres millions of stars every nite..ehehe..sangat rindu..this pix is taken while i teman piah swim at nite..i dun feel like swimming so i just sit on the sand n teman her..mmg non stop dok dlm air si piah nie..ahaha..c..baby turtle..so cute..so small..

or v sometimes play cards..mafia, monopoly, black jack..n many more..mcm2 la..jerit2 at nite or v sometimes karaoke..ahaha..berlawan2..sangat funny..siap gado2 lg..eheheh..

last nite v usually buat bbq..saja2..last nite b4 v went back to kl..n v actually wanna finish up all the fishes that we cought..ahaha..buat pa bawak balik..buat bau the car ony kn..ehehe..mmg usually the nite v'll eat like banyak gle cm X makan sebulan..ahaha..

this are the picture i took..last day in pulau..my last day so far la kn..my sis went there every year so she must hav the latest pix..but this are the last pix i took..cantik kn..the morning b4 we went back to mersing..sob..sob..sob..

so basically this is what v all looked like after spending 3 days here in big pig island...da muke like sakai laut seko2..ahaha..gelap ya tuhan..ahaha..X reti nk dok diam..mmg sun burn la..ahaha..good bye my big pig island..sangat sedih..

this is the pix taken from google earth..can see from the satelit..the blue color square is our house..the roof of the house..sangat teruja..ahaha..can see from the satelit..eheheh..

so thats all bout the pulau..wish i can go sometime soon..im having my eit now..lg la susah rite..n my dad said he wanna go on wesak day..i work that saturday..mmg X blh la..so sedih..really2 wanna go la..miss pulau besar so so much..


p/s:aiman i kno ur so jelous of ibs coz he's been here like million times..n more than me mind u..ahaha..Xpe..later v go pulak k..doa my dad wanna go while we're having our breaks..hehe

Saturday, April 19, 2008

almost done..

my room
cikots room

my house

fam hall u/s

didots room

mak + abah's room

my room

didots toilot

i visited my new house again today after work..i finished work at 1.20pm then i went back home to pick up mak n cikot n v go to our new house to meet up wif abah..abah's there since 9am coz he needs to monitor those technician who's responsible to pasang all the lampu kipas n air cond in our house..hehe..so cantiksangat suke..X saba nyer nk pindah..i so wanted to pindah s soon s possible but my parents wanted to move afta my eit's finish..i dun mind pn jauh but they're a bit like "jauh nnti"..sob..sob..sob..this are the pictures i took b4..