Monday, August 18, 2008


some advice that my grandpa give me b4 he went back to Teluk Intan..

1. Jangan SOMBONG ngan orang lain
uhuk..uhuk..yes bos..can be done..insyallah

2. Smayang jgn tinggal prob..i'll try my best..xpecially subuh..hee

3. mintak doa slalu..n ingt slalu syukur..tok wan dlu da tua bru dpt rumah cantik..awak muda2 lg da dpt rasa..
yup..mmg hav to rem those words constantly inside my head that i wont stray..insyallah..

4. if org buat kte diam je n mintk doa kt tuhan..jgn balas..nnti diorg seda sndri
true..if nk balas pn nnti jd sama lvl ngan diorg kn..buat per..jatuhkn standard sndri..

5. blaja rajin2 n doa jgn jd malas.. ssh je..hehe..but akan dicubain..heheee..

6. jgn dendam ngan org..X smestinyer diorg kt atas day diorg akan akan ada kt tpt kte jugak..if bkn kt dunie kt akhirat..
hehehe..oke..oke..tkt plk..hehe..luckily me x ske dndam..if gram sgt2 pn i'll b like " ahh...lantak ko ler aper nk nk pk" dendam2 nnti ssh nk blaja n buat keje2 lain..ssh nk concentrate kn..hehehe

7 . doa kn tokwan n tok seh sihat slalu..
okes..mmg sntiasa..hehehe..

Friday, August 15, 2008


Congratulation my dear fren~~!!!

m so so sory coz i cant b there on ur hapy day..y la on tuesday? y not weekends meh??plus i didnt kno..bagos nyer best fren kn?? so sory dear..

congrats..u finally finish ur studies in civil engineering..hehe..all da best in ur working life..always wish u da best n may all ur dreams will come true..may allah bless u always..ill giv ur present when ur back from jakarta okeys..kte hang out..if ony i dun hav mid term la..ahaha..tuh la..kwn hang nie dok abis2 lg..hehehe..

anyways hapi holiday n hav fun spending time in jakarta..hehehe..

Saturday, August 9, 2008

m so PROUD of u~~!!!

im so so PROUD of u my dear bestest shoulder to cry xtra hand when i need help..n who means the world to me..
proud of u coz u studies science stream at school yet u manage to grad as an accountant..u've basiclly learn almost everything oledy..only maybe ilmu2 tntg islam o other religion..even i think i cant bare the tought of learning accounting and everything even i love management subjects n oso economy (thanx to uia who made all those subject pre requsit in order to grad n i should propose to them that econs o acc o hs o whateva student should take at least physics 1 o electronics o whatever basic eng subject)haha..luahan perasaan but still i dun think i can take any accounting anymore since last i learn in kemahiran hidup when i was in form 3..but u've made it to the top..u can learn all those stuff that u never learn b4..seriously..i solute u..biak p la those ppl who said that their anak score the bes o what not in finance or econs i dun giv a shit..mmg blaja bnda tuh kot n i tell u..SPM got nothing to do wif universities grading..i hav fren who' done ony ok in spm but skrng deans list comunication
congrats to u too coz u got job in cimb bank klia..n the pay is like bes gle...i basically ask u to blanje me n u always say yes..wa..muahxx..muahxx..muahxx..
i kno its been so hard for u to go tru ur life s a student but to me grades r not that important..its ur courage n ur believes..even tho sometimes u fall so badly that u feel like u dun wanna give up but u then stand up n fight back..thats what m so jelous of u..sometimes when i fall i just stay there for like weeks b4 i start to stand back but not matter how hard or hurt r u u still knos theres always hope rite??i still remember those words..n i always will remember..u always said to me that u might not b an accountant one day but ur sure gonna do someting u like but u still manage to finish ur studies..if it was me i dun think i can go on..hehe..m damn weak..
n there r times when u hav so many to think or to do u still manage to complete all those work..with all those xtra ordenary PRESSURE from up down left n right..i used to get all those but when i was at more now n in return ur da one wh get all those..sometimes u feel so down that u feel like u wish for so many things not to happen but u still can get tru all that..thats the reason y ur so strong..thats y m so so proud of u..UR MY HERO~~!!!
ur a great fren..always help others even sometimes it hurts u..hard to say no..gile2..damn to walk like theres no time to waste n yet ur the greatest person ive ever known..hehe..luv u much..n i thank god for having u as my BIG sister..i luv u and CONGRATULATION~~!!!
p/s:sedih bear brown tuh.. =(