Wednesday, July 6, 2011


trime kasih AA utk tmbang murah anda ;)

few weeks ago, someone ask me, 'what kind of traveler r u?'..and I was like blur2 Xpaham nk jawab cm ne..what kind in what way?n beliau pn ckp la " r u the one who travel to that particular country only once and never come back to that country or r u the one who visit that particular country few times untill ur satisfy?"

at first terdiam jugak, but then ble think back......SAH saya sorg yg suke prgi tpt sama few times..hahahaha..

I love backpackers style of traveling..
time ni bes je naik kretapi..teruja ;)

Bali Feb 2010
with best fren..thanx for the free trip
and will b visiting Bali again this new year insyallah

Phuket by Super Star Virgo 2007
with grandparents, aunt uncle and cousins
Will surely travel this way again soon but dunno when la kn..
trasa cm org kaya2 je padahal Xda la mhl sgt pn..sama je..
i recommend everyone to try skali seumur hidup..seriously fun
My dad n cikot didnt get the chance to go this time so compom akan pg lagi ;)

Bandung with bff 2009
prgi mmbuat baju kawin nye n beli meterial2 tuk dibuat baju kawin..
this is my 2nd time visiting bandung ;)

Bandung late 2008..
first time visiting Bandung..
with 4 other frens..uia frens
cuaca sejuk beku time ni tp control je..gamba punye psl..
trgolong dlm bangsa2 vain..nk buat cm ne kn ;p

Singapore early 2008
with ohana..3 of them..
time ni main redah je negara singa ni ngan hanya brpandukn map
lucky us map + signage + public transport die Xlousy..
easy to understand ;)

Singapore July 2010
with best fren..
awesome trip..mmg 100% backpackers style..ddk hostel double dacker bed..
we travel by bus, mrt and foot..mmg bes..
bejaya melawat night safari, sentosa and shopp..
mission accomplish ;)

KK Sabah March 2011
ni mmg bes..100% backpackers style..
stay at hostel biasa2..
the trip is actually to conquer Mt K..hihi
I will update on this trip in my next entry
and i will be going again next year insyallah to finish what ive started ;)

Lastly, Ive went to Japan 14 years ago tp gmba smua muke comot2 not that skrg Xcomot..skrg pn sama je..makin comot ada la mls nk scan all those pix..mana de digital dlu..smua gmba cuci kn..hihi..n nxt week I will be going to Japan again..this time, its my turn to bring the students there..they will experience the Japanese culture, staying with host families and I will be attending the Conference as Peace Ambassador..chewah..kunon..ble translate in BM adalah Duta Keamanan..jd cm tkt la kte pg utk mengamankn keadaan..haha..mmg Xle kn..

so this proves that im definitely the type who visits the same country (sabah pn trgolong skali sbb cannot travel by land) more than once ;)