Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You

Big Big Big thanx to:

En Fakri
Pn Faridah
Kak Napisah
Kak Laila
Pengarah tourism N9-Xingt nama..haha
Chiky Chikot

Thanx for all the sponsored things to sell during the convention..thanx for giving me free stuff to b given to my foster family and other Peace Ambassador + Junior Ambassador during the 4 days convention..yay!!yay!!!Alhamdulillah..Xpayah kluarkn duit nk beli gift for host family..thanx to those who helped me this pass few weeks with the assignments for this convention..videos, posters, pictures and smua2 la..

even tho Malaysia hantar 2 Duta Keamanan thun ni, yg lg sorg tu nk pg tuk njoi je..xresponsible langsung..Xpe..abaikn..smpi sana nnti jgn nk ternganga2 sudah le yer..

sbln keje without weekend during the day and sleepless nights..mcm2 kene siapkn..dlu xslalu je pk Xlogic org blh keje smpi sakit2 melainkn mmg keje die cm buruh or yg sewaktu dgn nye n now dah kene baru puas hati..hahaha..batuk Xbaik2..selsema plk last friday..terok plk tu..bersin every 5 mins and smpai mata berair2..fuhh..tgk transformers pn payah tp sbb dah bli tix mhl pg je la..

went to melaka lg after work on friday nk cri suvi and went to seremban a day b4 that nk ambil brg2 sponsor from some ppl..fuhhh..mmg gile la last week..someone told me to take gud care of my health b4 g ni..jgn push sgt but ble pk balik bia la i sakit this week..nxt week blh rest smpi baik insyallah n blh pg ngan hati tenang ;)

just receive an email from APCC office regarding my foster family details..hehe..happi..terkenang kembali 14 yrs ago..except the excitement lain sikit..lebih sikit kali ni mayb coz last time im too young and i still dont know that much..Alhamdulillah they choose me again this year to come back..n last time dlm 9 days je..this time more than 2 weeks..nearly 3 weeks..hihi..

i receive an email from my foster sister dulu b4 the BCIO send me my foster family details..so i kinda get to know earlier la..thanx to my kakak angkat sbb smangat nk mail me..hihi..when i check back the map, Kitakyushu is the north most city in Kyushu Island..next to Honshu Island n ada laut!!!i like!!14 yrs ago i stayed at Kurume city..middle of the Island and nearer to the airport n no sea..hahaha..kali ni dpt..Alhamdulillah plus my foster mother mentions that "we'd love to share the great nature in Kitakyushu with you" hahahaha..ske!!!!!plus dkt ngan Space World!!!yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh..super like..14 yrs ago i went there twice tp still Xpuas ;)


  1. pengarah tourism n9 cik hisham mustafa..hehehe..tahniah oren.semoga ko berjaya dalam kerjaya ko n capai segala impian ko :)

  2. ha...ahahaha...blh lupe nama..tp time g office die tu die Xda..assistant die tlg bg..tp die bebesar hati..bykkk gle dpt brg..hahaha ;p

    Thanx P..hihi..insyallah..Amin ;)