Wednesday, November 3, 2010


sometimes we must go up to know we belong on the groundmuhammad izz rayyan bin muhammad razif

despite the limited time i have for this past 4 weeks, i manage to go visit rayyan 10 hrs after he was born..yay!!!sungguh hensem, comel, bijak n merah!!!hahaha..even tho its ony for a while..i feel so happy n relief when i c him..that nite i cant sleep properly knowing my bff is in the labor room n everything..nvr tot that i would b so restless..wonder how is it gonna b when didot time comes..lg kejang otak nie kot..

i was msging my bff's cousin every 30 mins..didnt sleep the whole nite..nxt day lak hav to work early in the morning..haha..i was lying on my bed but my eyes r still wide open..seriously Xtenang..haha..over nk mmpos!!! anyway m happy that everything went well..

i hav to go visit them again soon..munie ask me to pass something to my sister..not sure what but she said "it helps during the contraction" baiklah!! m hoping that i cn go 2mro..coz 2mro i wanna go shopping..rasa nyer da 7 tahun Xbershopping..wahahahah..

finally after a month, keje2 mark distribution selesai..hohohoho..lega sudah..wlupn bratur training2 that i need to attend but at least keje2 admin dah kurang..alhamdulillah! all i wanna do this weekend is stay at home n SLEEP all i cn..setahun rasa nyer Xtdo dgn tenang..i sleep whenever i cn n where ever i cn..

earlier this week i was so bz that i needed to use 2 computer to do my use the office lappy n my desk top..smpi smua masuk n say "hey..u nie nk buat keje2 hacking ke apa?" hohoho..nvr in my life i imagine using 2 computer at the same time for work..berangan ala2 org kunon2 bz-poyo ada Xbajet smpi 2-3 hari cm gak..n thanx to my roomates (wlupn ada plywood sbg dinding yg memisahkn kte spt bilik tp no need to bgn coz cn talk from our place i still call u ppl my roomate..haha) coz u ppl motivate me..v actually motivate each other coz v all kno that we're in the DARK era..wahahah..time kasih!!!lap u ppl!!!

what ive been doing for the past 4 weeks? marking the pprs, attend SBE meeting where all the lect in the department need to discus bout certain v really hav to fail them?o v should increase their CAM in order to let them pass since its their 10th 11th or 12th sem..fuhh..the first 2 weeks i still cn handle coz i ony do the marking work n fill up the student assesment form n i hav 70 student n 5 subject to juggle with plus i need to do the same thing for the part timers..mmg shit but still cn handle..what starts to shake me is during the meeting..perh..mengigil bengang..u hav to add ".." amount of marks to "..." student just coz its his (my student r all male) last sem..rather than giving them those marks baik bg to those who deserve it kn?sumpah..Xdeserve langsung diorg nie..dah la smua suap (alasan coz they're diploma student) fine la..but y others cn but korg2 yg 2-3 ketol nie nyusahkn?fuhh..sakit hati je plis..

today xm unit r going to finalize all the marks n i think my work relating to students marks distribution r finally lega sudah..berbalik kpd time2 mkn cadbury smbil read manga sambil study smbil do some documentation smbil prepare teaching material smbil do the teaching file for the subjects that i teach last sem..yay!!!

p/s: i manage to hav lunch wif that pragnant lady last thursday..hahaha..things r finally falling into place again ;)

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