Monday, October 18, 2010


Be thankful for what you have, you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough

mission2 saya dlm masa 2 tahun nie (2011&2012) adalah...

kereta idaman
since i still cant afford to buy Honda Civic Type R or VW golf GTi or VW polo rite now, so i decided to go for national car (idaman juga) spare part murah..tngu dah tua kaya kang baru cari kreta idaman..Xpn calon suami yg own those cars..hahaha..abah finally approve n skrg cume brdoa agar tiada halangan n rintangan..amin ;)

Mt.Kinabalu via Feratta
Tix n package sudah bli..just brdoa everything will go according to the plan..amin..agak cuak jugak actually..need to start buld up stamina like PRONTO!!

Pulau Manukan + Pulau Sapi
While v r there in Sabah, v decided to go visit those island..a day trip mayb n having bbq there..hoping there wouldn't b any problem..amin..

Scuba License
me my sis n aniki r suppose to go mid this yr..v edy paid the d/p but didot v postponed it to nxt yr insyallah..hope abah n cikot can join us oso ;)

one of the places i wanna go..i just luv mountains..tuh sbb out of all outdoor activity, i luv mountain hiking most..compared to my luvs climbing more n cikot luvs rafting more..nie dream je..bkn nk naik everest pn..just visit that country n do some rafting there ke..if ada rezeki insyallah smpi ;)
Ni pn antara places i wanna go by 2012..this is what i want most actually..harap2 smpt g..plan wanna go there wif my Tok Wan..moga2 termakbul doa ini..amin ;)

Rakan2..doakn yer..doakn smua bejalan lancar..n remind kn saya supaya slalu saving..k klu tetibe smpi seru plk time2 nie mmg ada la yg kene postpone lg..hohohoho..doa yg terbaik tuk saya yer ;)

p/s: owh ya..terlupa..master gak..nk abiskn scpt mungkin ;)

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