Friday, July 17, 2009

Cameron + Rafting Trip D2...RAFTING~~!!!

Yeehaaa~~!!!hahaha..depa hav to Body raft..padan muke..n i tell u the water..OMG..air besar okeh..mmg agak kesian la..both time i tried body raft mmg air biasa2 je..X besar pn..hahaha..nie mmg just look at the mmg mengelat..i offer myself to bring down 1 amy ckp oke..he ask me to wait at the other side of tne cn slamatkn sesape yg X smpt grab the rope..hahaha..ampes..jd rescue plks dah..haha
pitty them..hahahaha..sian korg..air besar kot..dah turun amy devide the group..i got wif shery, sharena wif arman..amy ask me to go wiff arman..HELL NO~~!!!compom ill fall like 10 times kot if naik wif him..haha..geng hot dog wif juz and geng honda wif wif shery..yay..i tot yay la..but b4 double dacker shery push me into the water..demm..hahaha..ampes..tuh pn they ask me to naik kayak again..demmit..hell no..da penah skali cukup..the worst nightmare..da la got nothing to hold on to..hahaha..mmg X la kan..
huhu..arman's group..
yeehaaa..1st raft to go..Double Dacker..hahaha..v went down trbalik..thats y 2 guys at the front jatuh n another gal jatuh coz v fall sideways..m not fast enough to grab her..n she looks cuak so shery jump into the water..demmit..n he shout " raft tepi" demmit!!!!2 lagi was still in boom2 state ne ne nie..arman jerit "anis..tarik tepi..bawak tepi..suruh 2 org lg paddle foward" hahaha..think fast..dpn tuh another rapid..if Xsempt g tepi mmg thats it aper lg..berat syode..patah pingang okeh..bawak tepi..haha..dpt gak la..i saw amy laughing like mad..syode tol..muke org cuak gak la..coz ony me n sharena je da penah raft..others like cuak gle muke..da la 1st raft to go..then 3 jatuh..hahahaha..
amy's raft..huhuhu..
setelah bejaya menyelamatkn the rest..angkot mreka bejaya even for 10 mins..hahaha...
amy's raft..huhuhu..nie rapid biasa je..since we're the 1st raft to go so shery park the raft n both me n him lari balik naik atas to take some pix n videos..hahaha..i nearly fall into the water when i saw Geng Hot Dog's raft..diorg sengal kot..adoi..bodo gle okeh korg!!!
Rest point..huhuhu..snap..snap..snap..there r few videos in fb..sile lah tonton..hahaha..lawak gle..mmg juz was the best guide ever..hahahaha..i loike..padan muke korg..more pix in wanna upload here..beratus2 kot..arman me n sharena..arman manage to pull me wif his paddle..mmg jatuh la kn..demmit..everyone was locking their mmg X la sbb since the 1st time ijad Xbg lock..bahaya if they pull me into the water..haioooh..syode!!!
sengal us..hahahahaha..
geng kapal karam bak kata acap..hahahahaha..i loike..Geng Hot Dog + Geng Honda 700 + JK + Nadia~~!!!
apa yg penting????KERJASAMA!!!! WONDER PETS~~~!!!!!!!

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