Friday, July 17, 2009

Cameron + Rafting Trip D2..TUBING~~!!!!!

this time v stop at the yellow house..coz murni camp is under construction..sayang..they didnt get to try the Drift..huhuh..m sure if arman he's soo gonna capsize his raft during tubing they will start from the yellow house till the jahang bridge..hahaha..gile la..tubing lalu drift..wahahahahahahahahaha..mmg bes la..

they went back to the bridge to had lunch while me shery n arman hav to bring down the each..demmit..Xpasal2 i hav to raft..its easier..coz ringan..easy to move la..arman leads and shery in the middle..ahahahahahah..jauh gak la..haha..when i reach the bridge i saw them eating..syode..da makan..
uh..nengada..everyone was tired..n around 2.30 we're off for tubing..hahaha..cant 1st time..hakhakhak..dupdapdupdap..
huh..smangat!!!YaY~~!!!those guide body raft je all the way..gile kn..mmg sempoi je diorg..amy naik kayak..n sheda n piah join him coz depa tkt nk tube..hahahahah..apa le macikk..
Nadia..injured..pitty her..she said something koyak..dunno la the muscle o ligament..but end up she told me nothing..her mom said that she needs to do more of this stuff so that kuat..hahaha..lawak gle kot when i read her msg..hahaha..
yeah!!!!!OTTOBOTS~~!!! ROLL OUT!!!!super fun i tell u even cuakness to the mmg sakit bontot i tell u..Xske gile..hahaha
us..just look at iqa's face..demmm..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa..sori iqa..but muke kamu mmg Xleh blah..
yeeehaaaa~~!!!!nk lalu the worst rapid..cuak okeh..hahahaha..n amy push me hard this time mmg tergolek kot..hahaha..lwak gle..smpi tepi JK tahan..coz i was laughing like mad till i cant paddle no more..hahaha..bodo..ktorg gelak je keje kot..mmg lawak..our butt X pyh ckp la..mmg biru2..hahaha..

selesai sudah..mmg penat..much more tired than rafting i tell u..coz u hav to paddle hard during rapid and u need to balance ur tube..adoi hai..i choose the small tube coz its easier to control but its hard to penat la..the big2 ones r hard to control but easier to balance..i loike adventure so i took the small one..hahaha..but mmg sakit2 bontot yer langar all those batu2..should take the big2 ones..senang nk angkat badan..hahahaha..

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