Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tioman Open Water Diving Trip 2011 Expanses

Mari kite teliti and lihat expanses2 nye..
owh..this is the LOVE thinggy that i wrote bout b4 this..santikkk kn..bahagia je swim through it..

Owh..gambar graduasi brsama our AWESOME instructor..we will come back again next year for our Advance license..may dive up to 30m deep plk :D

Just receive Open Water Diving license from Padi HQ, Australia..skrg blh la tunjuk kad yg megah ni..bahaha..Xda la tunjuk temporary card yg lembik tu..kene air pn compom layu..hihihi..

Ok2 skrg cite pasal bajet2 nye..

Duit tol from BSP to Senawang (return) -----> RM 11.40

Duit minyak BSP to Mersing (return) -------> RM 200

Ferry from Mersing to Tioman Island (return) ------> RM 70

Open Water Diving License --------> RM 950

Accomodation for 3 nights (Quard) ------> RM 150/head

Food 4D 3N ------> RM 150

Choc and tshirt -------> RM 35

Total = RM 1566.4 (kurang dr ni since dlm satu kreta ada 4 bahagi so total dlm less than 1.5k)


  1. Bro, I noticed you put pricing up of ferry. Can put the URL for advanced booking, can? It's Tioman Ferry Tickets on


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