Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Im a thorn among the roses

i dont really mind actually..ony the part which is hard for me to sleep during work time je la..ahahaha..lelain im fine wif it..plus they're xtremely kind funny n skema..cume yesterday, this one pak aji came n say its not proper for me to sit in a room full of guys..nk buat cm ne bongok..dah Xda ppn nk apply keje ni kt sini..its not that my boss purposely wanted to put me here..bangang..then my boss said that she used to sit there oso n this pak haji go n say "eh..ni kes lain..awk dah kawin..ainaa blom kawin" mmg agak wtfrog gak la org tua ni..smua chinese kot n diorg nie skema2..i even think that the ony 1 who's brave enough to do stupid dirty joke is me..org tua nie ridicules Xbrtpt la..he irritates me n my boss way beyond imagination kot..where the hell he want me to sit then?in the room wif him..??mmg tak la..peh..sakit ati..then i told him that m getting married soon..so dun wori much..then he say "jgn kawin time2 cuti skolah..ssh..satu hari smpi 5-6 invitation" ingtkn dpt shut him up by saying those but mmg Xmkn saman barangkali..kejang otak pk..ahh..lantak kamu la..im happy enough wif my room now! ;)

I hate pushy ppl..ske atur2 kn hidup makhluk sekalian alam..suke2 je nk mengatur2 kn hidup org..sumpah im tired..so if tetibe i take a step back tuh or being silence to better think back what u ppl ask me to do..means i seriously dun like it..i prefer to move away n mndiamkn diri tp m gonna tell those who r close to me apakah yg terjadi..sesi kutuk2 lepas geram la..ahahaha..enough is enough..y dun u let me do things my way..let me wear what i want..let me drive how ever i like..let me buy things i want..its not like m using ur money..let me stay where i want..even my parents Xforce me do this n that jgn la korg plk nk pndai atur2..sumpah saya xske..saya ni SEGI..mmg kuat mmberontak..so jgn la nk trigger my anger..ive been rising above for so long but guess what?there's a ceiling above n im bout to HIT it!

kenapa saya tgk "to buy list" saya makin pnjang sedangkn satu apa dr list tuh xdibeli?wahahahah...TIDAKKKKnesss..apakah yg terjadi sudah??xpe..slow..slow..slow..

btw..ticot makin gemok..bes2..balik keje je picit2 die..heheh ;)

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