Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kick Ass

Best revenge? Smile, be happy, never let them know it hurts

i loike kick ass..sapa ada dload this movie??saya nk plis!!!plis!!!plis!!!m bagging..miahahaha..even ive watch this movie twice in cinema still Xcukp..nk tgk lg..proves that even v dun hav any super power, v still cn b a hero die sungguh adorable..hohohoho..

ive seen him act b4 in angus thong..oso one of my fav movie..but dlm tuh minat biasa je la..ala..typical comel-looking-guy-in-teenage-movie..ahahaha..budak2 sure tergile2 la but me biasa2 je coz i loike that gal..kesengalan Xbertepi sungguh minah tu..haha..then he act in kick ass..agak sejam gak till i cn figure out where ive seen him b4..hohoho..

him in angus thong
sgt suke guys wear black jacket..yummy ;)

him in kick ass

Owh my..he is soo comel..i mean his character in kick ass..mana nk cri??mana??mana??hahahaha..blur2, loser, sengal..owh my..even tho i kno Hit Gal was AWESOME but KICK-ASS is my HERO!!! He is sooo clumsily ADORABLE!! ♥ ♥ ♥ some might not like the movie but to me, how can u not like a film about a loser becoming awesome in the end?hohohoho...drooling ;)

in conclusion sapa ada dload??i want n i want it PRONTO!!!! ;p

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