Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I am a kind hearted person. I will NOT choose sides! I will be good to EVERYONE! I will NOT allow people to taint my soul! I only answer to Allah, my parents and my husband... for they are the only ones that determine if I go to heaven or hell. Other than that ... I dont give a damm! You want to screw each other that's your problem not mine! My mind is clear and my concience is intact!

I refuse to let people bring me down. I refuse to let people decide who I should hang out with and who I should not. I refuse to play politics. I refuse to be bitter, negative, envious, spiteful, manipulative, and evil. I choose to stand up and fight back for my rights..


  1. always3 remember dis babe..

    ur new resolution is oso like mine.

    especially now..stand up and fight back..

    its ok to feel down.coz life cant always be sweet.cry once in a while,but wipe up the tears after that.

    huhuhuh..aku plak rs toucy skrg ni..huhuhu...

    all n all..u heart u babe!yezza!!