Thursday, October 16, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHDaY~~!!!

m not proud of myself coz 1 week after ur birthday baru able to upload ur pix and wish ur birthday here..but v did calebrate togather kn.hehe..wif all the dak don's..thanx to Ted, Izar and Ima for organizing the suprise party for ayun, ciki and oa..n thanx to Dak Don's and BAKAL2 Dak Don's krna memeriah kn the party..hehehe..ltr ill upload the party picture..i just dun have the time right now..sob..sob..sob..
  • may all ur wishes will come tru ( but jgn harap u cn ask for a mini cooper from us la kn even tho v kno u wanted the old one)
  • May ALLAH bless u always..
  • Moga pnjang umo n murah rezeki nyer *winks*
  • Lap u my masam + gemok sis..hehe

p/s: ble mau blanje makan??hehe..k.long jnji nk blanje BR end of this month..hehehe..bes..bes.. ;p

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