Saturday, April 19, 2008

almost done..

my room
cikots room

my house

fam hall u/s

didots room

mak + abah's room

my room

didots toilot

i visited my new house again today after work..i finished work at 1.20pm then i went back home to pick up mak n cikot n v go to our new house to meet up wif abah..abah's there since 9am coz he needs to monitor those technician who's responsible to pasang all the lampu kipas n air cond in our cantiksangat suke..X saba nyer nk pindah..i so wanted to pindah s soon s possible but my parents wanted to move afta my eit's finish..i dun mind pn jauh but they're a bit like "jauh nnti"..sob..sob..sob..this are the pictures i took b4..

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